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  • Stanley Solis I 500 - 5kW Cassette Stove - Wood Burner

    The SOLIS I 500 looks good in any situation whether its stand alone on a wall or replacing your open fire. Three times more efficient than an open fire, the SOLIS 500 takes up minimal hearth space and is the perfect solution where space is a premium.True wood burning stove  Multi Fuel kit available as optional extra Nominal Heat Output 5kW to the room...

    € 1,099.00
  • Stanley Hadley - 8kW Wood Burner

    With its impressive height and beautiful flame effect the Hadley will bring warmth and comfort to the coldest room.  A secondary air intake ensures that the glass remains clear for you to enjoy the flame picture and with a 8kW nominal heat output the Hadley will comfortably heat most rooms.  With 75.7% efficiency, the Hadley is a Smoke Exempt stove, so it...

    € 1,199.00
  • Stanley Solis I 900 - 9kW Cassette Stove - Wood Burner

    The SOLIS I 900 is the ultimate heating solution when you have a little more space. With clever door opening features, breathtaking flame pictures not to mention strong smooth lines, the SOLIS 900 will create a stunning focal point in any room. Be the envy of your neighbours.True wood burning stove  Multi Fuel kit available as optional extra 3 and 4...

    € 1,329.00
  • Stanley Hanwood - 9kW Wood Burner

    With its strong lines and large flame picture, the Hanwood wood burning stove makes itself the contemporary heart of any room.  Creating comfort and warmth, the Hanwood is a medium sized stove with a nominal output of 9kW and high efficiency of 79.5%.  Ideal for the family home the Hanwood stove is ultra controllable as well as being Smoke Exempt (fully...

    € 1,399.00
  • Stanley SOLIS F800 GRANDE 8kW - Graphite - Wood Burner

    With its unique handle feature and compact Scandinavian design, the SOLIS F800 Grande 8kW will look good in any home. With 83% efficiency and a maximum heat output of 8kW, the F800 Grande will comfortably keep your room cosy and warm. The SOLIS F800 Grande will burn dry wood and seasoned peat briquettes. Max 8kW of heat to the room 83% efficiency -...

    € 1,399.00
  • Stanley ELLESMERE Wide EC5 W 5kw - Matt Black - Multi Fuel

    Outstanding flame pictures and simple to use controls for both the primary and secondary air make them a pleasure to operate. With three different models, you can find the perfect stove for your home. The Ellesmere range are designed to burn either wood or solid fuel and are all DEFRA Smoke Exempt, so fully approved for use in smoke controlled areas. The...

    € 1,599.00
  • Stanley Lawley - 4kW Wood Burner

    Set upon a pedestal, the Lawley wood burning stove provides a stunning flame picture with simple to use controls. The Lawley has a nominal heat output is 4.4kW and 80.5% efficient. If flued vertically the Lawley can swivel 360 degrees. True wood burning stove Net efficient 80.5% - three times more efficient than an open fire Easily connected to a...

    € 1,699.00
  • Stanley Solis F1100 Panoramic - 11kW Wood Burner

    A truly beautiful stove, the SOLIS F1100 Panoramic wood burning stove adds inspiration to any space it fills. With high efficiency at 81% and a whopping 11kW max output it is ideal for medium and large living areas. The F1100 features windows on either side as well as the ample front glass to ensure you can see the flame effect from virtually anywhere in...

    € 1,799.00
  • Stanley Solis I 80 - 14kW Insert Wood Burner - Double Sided

    The SOLIS I 80 double sided stove is a beautiful thing to behold.  With large viewing window and designer glass frame on both sides, the SOLIS double sided range will make any room luxurious.  In addition to heating two rooms with its generous output you can also direct heat into other rooms of the house.True wood burning stove Maximum Heat Output 14kW...

    € 2,799.00
  • Stanley Solis I 100 - 16kW Insert Wood Burner - Double Sided

    The SOLIS I 100 double sided stove will provide plenty of heat for two sizable rooms in your home. In addition with with its generous output you can also direct heat into other rooms of the house. The SOLIS I 100 is a beautiful fire to behold. With large glass viewing window and designer glass frame on both side, the SOLIS double sided  range will make...

    € 2,999.00