Regardless of your décor, mantel beams will instantly add character and charm to any room. Here at MCD Home and Garden we have a large selection of timber mantle beams at much lower prices than many of our competitors and we are confident we will have something to suit your personal taste. Our timber mantle beams are ideal for above stoves and fireplaces as both a decorative and functional feature.

We have a selection of mantle beams in pitch pine, solid oak, douglas, fir and driftwood pieces. All our timber mantel are 100% handcrafted, prepared and turned by expert craftsmen and then waxed to give them an exceptional finish. Original hand tooling, scars and rugged form are captured and preserved for display in each original piece.  No two mantel beams are the same, giving you the peace of mind that you have something distinctive and individual in your home.

Pitch Pine is pine that was at least 300 years old and was felled and harvested before 1900. Pine that was harvested before 1900 had been grown naturally and slowly resulting in a strong and fibre dense product. This in turn means that pitch pine is only available as a reclaimed product from old buildings that were built in the 19th Century.  It is such a sought after product because it has been proven to be decay resistant, warp resistant and as it is a reclaimed product it makes it not only a finite product but also an environmentally friendly product. 

We have various options for you when choosing a mantel beam for your home or work space.  We offer traditional beam stlye mantels as well as slab-style mantels.  We can custom cut any size slab mantel you require, whether its a thick rustic style shelf or a sleek, contemporay style. So whether you are building a new home or remodeling, a mantel beam will compliment almost any fireplace and bring the outdoor beauty into your home.

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