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Stove Pipe Thermometer

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Cannon stove thermometer


This stovepipe thermometer is a must for your stove and home. The thermometer attaches to your stovepipe magnetically so you can begin using right away. Its rugged welded construction and stay-cool fold-up handle makes the Stovepal long lasting and convenient. It will help in the following ways: First, by monitoring your temperature range, you can make your fires last longer, which saves on reloading.

Cut down on chimney cleanings by burning wood completely in the best operation range, avoiding chimney fires by keeping from overheating. Lastly, it will help you extend the life of catalytic combustors by letting you know when you are overheating the fireplace.

The Stovepal Thermometer sets the standard for the industry. It clearly shows three levels, Creosote, Optimum and overheating  to get the best to from your stove at a glance. For most accurate readings its recommended to place the thermometer on the stove pipe at least 12” above the stove top.

€ 19.99

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PowerNeeds NO Electricity NO Batteries
DIY InstalationYes
OtherAttaches magnetically to stove pipe