register plate

Reg Plate - 125mm or 150mm Hole 900mm x 495mm

reg plate
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Register Plates are used to seal off the base of the chimney. 
This Register Plate is 900mm x 495mm 
It is suitable for 125mm and 150mm (5 and 6 inch).

APPLICATIONUse to seal off the base of the chimney (This Register Plate can be cut on site to fit the base size of your chimney stack). The Register Plate will support vermiculite and stop any debris from within the chimney stack coming down the chimney and hitting your stove.

CONSTRUCTIONThe Register Plate and the Supporting Brackets are made from 1.5mm thick galvanised steel. The Register Plate can be sprayed to match the colour of your stove pipe. This Register Plate has a special adapter suitable for installations which use either 125mm or 150mm diameter flue pipes.

Flue Size
5 inch or 6 inch

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