Heat pumps explained

Air to Water Heat pumps are an extremely efficient central heating system. They are a cost effective method of heating your home and there is now a grant available from the governemnt for the building cost!

Air to Water Heat Pumps – Better for you, Better for Nature

Air to Water Heat pumps are central heating systems that are an extremely efficient and cost effective method of heating your home. Heat from the air is absorbed at low temperature into a fluid using an external unit. This fluid then passes through a compressor or internal unit where its temperature is increased and transfers its higher temperature heat to the heating and hot water circuits of the house. In other European countries, you may see ground to water heat pumps. These are

An air-to-water system distributes heat via your wet central heating system. Heat pumps work much more efficiently at a lower temperature than a standard boiler system. This makes them more suitable for underfloor heating systems or larger radiators, which give out heat at lower temperatures over longer periods of time.

The environmental advantages of air to water heat pumps are particularly useful for those completing new build projects in Ireland as it can also help meet Part L compliance as outlined in building regulations. To find out more on building regulations and NZEB or Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

House Plans

Building or renovating your home? Send us in the plans and we will have our experts contact you back with product specification that you need. If you chose to go ahead with a Stanley Air to Heat Pumps, we can provide heat loss calculations and details on underfloor heating and radiators.

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Cost Efficient to Run

Any unit within the A++ rated Stanley range can deliver up to 5 times the amount of energy for every 1kW of electricity used depending on the flow temperature and climate conditions prevailing at the time.  

Seasonal coefficient of performance or COP is up to 5.1. COP is calculated by dividing the annual heating demand by the annual energy consumed. So for every every kilowatt of energy used to run a Stanley Heat pump, up to 5kW of energy is being given to the heating system in return. 

Smart Remote Control and Management

Smart remote access to your heating system lets you control settings and temperature via website and optional controllers. You can also download an app to your phone or tablet.

Access to data and managing your heating system from your own home,  workplace or holiday vacation with the dedicated Stanley App.

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