cheap MICAFIL Vermiculite Ireland (100L Bag) for insulation for stoves, flues and chimney Expand

Vermiculite 100L Bag - Chimney insulation

Vermiculite (100L Bag)


Vermiculite Insulation the insulating properties of vermiculite significantly reduces the heat loss in cold weather and keeps the interior cool in hot weather. For insulating solid fuel and wood burning liners, it reduces the amount of condensates by keeping the flue warm, it also holds the liner rigid to aid sweeping.

In many homes where loft insulation has been installed for some time, there is often insufficient fill to meet today's higher standards. In others it has deteriorated, slumped or was badly laid. Vermiculite is one of the easiest ways of improving this. It seals and covers over existing material to any depth and automatically fills gaps missing between the joists and original insulation.

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