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What to look for when buying a stove

We know that buying a stove can be a tough task, As we have laid out in our other blogs! We have five quick terms that we always hear being mentioned in our store. So here are five things to look for when buying a stove. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of them, we explain all you need to know!


An air-wash system, allows air into the fire from overhead where it warms up and then washes down into the heart of the fire on a deep bed of ash.

Clean Burn

Clean (tertiary) burn is a further advance — this takes the otherwise wasted hydrocarbons in the smoke and combusts them with an extra inlet of clean air. This not only increases the heat coming from that valuable fuel, but cleans the smoke leaving your stove. Washes of air also keep the stove glass cleaner — a useful bonus.

External Air Supply

The external air supply system allows the air to come from outside of the building. This is required for air tight houses. 

CE Mark

The CE Mark is a symbol of EU Products. The manufacturer places the symbol on the product to declare that it has met the European Union Standards for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection.


It is important to note how many years warranty is available with the stove you plan on purchasing. Most stove producers will guarantee their stoves for 5 years. 

Now we have discussed all there is to know about stoves, including how to reduce energy costs, wood stoves and fuel types. You’re starting to become a bit of an expert yourself. You know what to look for when buying a stove

If you still need some advice on the type of stove to fit your home, contact us and talk to one of our stove experts.

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