One Tonne Bag - 86x86xm - 130gsm
One Tonne Bag - 86x86xm - 130gsm
One Tonne Bag - 86x86xm - 130gsm
One Tonne Bag - 86x86xm - 130gsm

One Tonne Bag - 86x86x86cm - 130gsm - 10pack (multipack)

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One Tonne Bags are also known as builders bags, dumpy bags, FIBCs (flexible intermediate bulk containers) and bulk bags. This versatile product is traditionally associated with the construction industry for the storage and transportation of sand and aggregate. One Tonne Bags are also used in the farming sector for the carriage of fertilizer, waste and agricultural products. You could even use an FIBC in the home, and especially in the garden for recycling and garden waste.

Available in a pack of 10, size: 86cm x 86cm x 86cm with a 5:1 safety factor rating. This means that each bag is fully certified for a single trip at a load of 1000kgs; however, you can of course then continue using them in a wide number of applications. Each dumpy bag comes with a stitched certificate.

One Tonne Bags have an open top and flat bottom, reinforced stitched seams and 4 reusable lifting loops stitched onto each top corner. This makes for easy carriage with a forklift, or for use as manual handles. Easy to clean and fold away for convenient storage. Bags are supplied empty.

  • Made from polypropylene
  • Size : 86cm x 86cm x 86cm 130gsm Tonne Bags
  • Flat-bottomed
  • Open-topped, with 4 lifting loops - one stitched to each corner
  • 5:1 Safety rating
  • Single trip use, fully certified to 1000kgs
  • Certificate stitched to each bag
  • Supplied empty
  • Colour: White
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