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Angled Twin Wall Flue Pipe

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Angled Twin Wall is the easiest way to change the direction of the flue

This ready made angled connection has been designed to change the direction of the flue. MCD twin wall flues are designed for internal and external applications, suitable for negative pressure applications.

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The Angled Twin Wall Flue Pipe connection is designed to change the direction of the flue.

Angled Twin Wall Flue Pipe parts are constructed using fully welded stainless steel. These flue joints have a high performance insulation. Providing them with a high permance output, needed for modern day solid fuel stoves. It is recommended to seal all flue joints with a suitable high temperature sealant. Our team recommend the Vitcas range. Looking for sealant for your flue pipes? Discover the complete range by clicking here!

MCD Home and Garden offer a wide variety of Flue Pipes. These are specifically designed for multi fuel stoves. This is due to them needing to withstand very high pressure. Twin wall construction provides a high thermal resistance which ensures rapid stabilization of the flue gas temperature and draught, whilst maintaining a relatively low temperature on the external surface of the chimney.

All of our stove accessories are CE approved. They guarantee the resistance and stability of colour even at high temperatures. Which has classified the flue as class T600, the highest according to standard EN1856-2.

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