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Ball Bungees


Ball Bungees are a popular fixing method which will assist in keeping your tarpaulin in a fixed position, while remaining flexible.

Simply feed the elasticated loop through an eyelet so that the ball fits snugly against the eyelet; then use the loop to attach to a fixed point.


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Ball Bungees are very quick and straight forward for securing your tarpaulin.

Our Ball Bungees are very popular fixing method for tarpaulins. This is because they are very quick and easy to use. The elasticated loops can be easily be un tied and removed from the structure. They offer a secure and flexible tie solution for your tarpaulin. There are 10 bungees in each pack.

To fasten the Ball Bungee, feed the elasticated loop through the eyelet. Pull the elastic cord through so the ball is tight against the eyelet. Then hook the ball through the look and attach the cord to a secure point. Using a bungee cord on your tarpaulin will increase the strength. When pulled, the cord will stretch instead of the tarpaulin. All of the Shock Cords are UV resistant. They will not scuff due to abrasion. Water will not affect the colour of the cord, perfect for outdoor use.  Elasticated cord can be dangerous. Please see the safety note in the extra tab below.

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Safety Note

Please note – warning: Use caution when stretching and/or releasing cord. Keep eyes, face, unprotected parts of the body & children out of any rebound path. Protective eyewear is recommended when installing any elasticated product, uncontrolled release can cause injury. Do not use for personal restraint, lifting or towing. Check cord regularly for any signs of wear or damage especially when stretched more than 25% of unstretched length.