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Central Heating Leak Sealer


Central Heating Internal Leak Sealer is an important maintenance solution to have!

This solution seals inaccessible leaks and weeping joints in central heating systems. Ensuring that the safety of your heating system is always the top priority!

Add this solution to your maintenance kit now!
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The Vitcas Central Heating Leak Sealer helps to eliminate leaks in central heating

Central Heating Leak Sealer is a solution used to seal leaks internally. Using the Vitcas Leak Sealer can help you avoid costly repairs, While solving pressure loss issues in your central heating system. Use it for sealing small inaccessible leaks and weeping joints in central heating systems. This solution will not block valves or air vents or the pump. A soft seal will form after 1-24 hours of entering the primary circuit. The Vitcas Leak Sealer can be used with all other water treatment products in your system.

Central heating systems should also be regularly cleaned with Vitcas Central Heating System Cleaner. The Leak Sealer should be added separately. You can find the user manual on the tab above!  Vitcas® Leak Sealer is only suitable for fully indirect systems. Not suitable for use with Primatic single feed cylinders. One unit of can treat up to 100 litres, approx. 10 standard radiators.

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Application for the liquid.


  1. Locate the central heating feed and expansion tank.
  2. Shake bottle and pour entire contents into header tank.
  3. Leak Sealer is gradually drawn into the primary circuit and provides full effect within 1-6 weeks.


  1. Turn off boiler / pump.
  2. Locate a convenient radiator that has a drain cock.
  3. Close radiator valves and drain off 2 litres of system water.
  4. Remove plug from top of radiator.
  5. Shake bottle and funnel entire sealant contents into top of radiator.
  6. Replace plug, open valves and bleed radiator to expel trapped air.
  7. Restart boiler / pump.

Application for the concentrate

  • The concentrate is added to a radiator using the supplied adaptor and a cartridge gun. Close both valves on the radiator and remove the bleed screw using a radiator vent key.
  • Push and turn the adaptor clockwise into the opening to make a tight fit. If necessary, trim the end of the plastic adaptor with a craft knife.
  • Open the cartridge by cutting off the domed end and connect the adaptor.
  • Open one valve of the radiator and using a cartridge gun inject the whole contents of the cartridge into the radiator.
  • Then close the valve again to remove the adaptor and replace the bleed screw.
  • Finally open both of the radiator valves. After using this treatment the radiators should be bled to remove trapped air.
    Leak Sealer stays in the system and there is no need to flush.
  • Product does not cause blockages in pipework, and it reduces pressure loss in sealed systems.