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Eco Shed Base


The MCD Eco Shed Base is easily joined to create an exact fit to your shed.

It’s strong frame allows it to be installed on almost any surface. Creating a flat, level base for your new garden building. Please ensure the Eco Base matches the size of the shed you have ordered.

Sold in a pack of 10

Each unit is 1ft squared, so if your shed area is 24ft squared, add 3 packs to the basket.


The MCD Eco Shed Base is a strong plastic frame engineered to give a level base for your garden building.

Eco Shed Base is a quick-to-assemble, easy-to-use. It is an environmentally-friendly base for garden buildings. We recommend the use of Eco Base as an alternative to a concrete slab, paving flags or a wooden base. It can be assembled to the precise size of your MCD shed floor. This is a great way of achieving a level base, allowing maximum airflow to keep the underside of the shed floor dry and free of damp. Only suitable for ground level differences up to 30cm (12″, 1ft).

The Eco Base allows you to have a strong & level base at a fraction of the cost of levelling the ground & laying concrete or paving slabs. Simply choose your size multiplying the width by the depth.  Then add the area to the basket. The strong durable frame created with this base allows it to be laid onto soft or hard ground.

Delivery times may vary depending on the product and the time of the year. Contact a member of the MCD Family to discuss your order.

Why should I use this base?

Our Eco Base is a very good solution to a shed base! It is very easy to assemble and is more cost effective than a concrete base.

  • Time-saving – There is no need to let the base set as it easily clicks together.
  • Lightweight – So it is easy to position
  • Simple to use – no specialist tools or equipment needed
  • Drainage – perimeter can be filled with pea-gravel, sand or stone to produce a drain.
  • Long lasting – rot proof, chemically inert and re-usable
  • Raised gripping points – This helps to ensure building remains in place
  • Coloured black – Easy to blend in
  • Self-fastening connectors – it’s quick and easy to lay
  • Eco-friendly – made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Robust – provides a firm strong and long lasting base for your building
  • Wide use – suitable for most garden sheds, summer houses, play houses, bike stores and log stores
  • Extendable – create a base under any size of garden building
  • Cost effective – supply and installation costs lower than wet-mix poured concrete