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Geocast Mantle Beam – Light Oak

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Looking for a weightless and fire-safe mantle beam to create a feature wall?

  • Heat resistant, non-combustible beams made from non-organic material
  • Incredibly realistic and light weight design
  • Two sizes available to choose from 48″ or 54″ 

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Create a feature wall, without the heavy lifting using a weightless Geocast Mantle Beam available in Light Oak

We are proud to launch our new range of Geocast Mantle Beams in Light Oak. A non-combustible material forms the wood-effect beams and they receive a water-based stain for finishing. The lightweight design of the beam comes from natural material. The beam is non-toxic and unburnable, posing no fire risk unlike the traditional timber mantle beams.

GeoCast Beams are amazingly realistic and almost indifferent to a timber beam. They are moulded to include natural characteristics, without the traits of an antique oak beam. The beams are available in 48″ and 54″ , with concealed feature lights available as an option for either sizes.

What is GeoCast?

The creators made GeoCast, a new material, by using natural minerals that are not from plants or animals.

GeoCast has a non flamible property, meaning that the minimum distance from the stove is much less than other beams. The recommended clearance from combustibles is 250mm. This simply means the gap needed between the chimney flue pipe or stove box to the mantle beam or similar material which would burn when heated should be 250mm.

The Geocast Mantle Beam is available in other finishes also, the range of manle beams can be discovered here.