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Hamco Heidi Pellet Stove


The Hamco Heidi Pellet Stove is filled with power to burn!

It has a sleek cylindrical body. This stove is simple in design, it is suitable for all spaces and furniture styles.

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The Hamco Heidi Pellet Stove is a small but powerful burner.

Hamco Heidi Pellet Stove is an inset 11 kW pellet stove. It has a 10kg pellet resevoir, which operates for over 15 hours.  The Heidi’s small viewing glass is topped with black ceramic, modernising the stove. This stove is available in a cream or black finishy. The modern technology in a pellet stove is endless. With remote controls and wifi connection, you are never a push away from a warm home.

This stove has a Class A energy rating as well as a 5 year warranty. Boasting an efficiency rating of 92%. The Heidi has multiple thermostats suitable. It is fitted with a safety monostat. As well as a safety valve for releasing pressure. It is important to clean and maintain your stove. The Heidi has a removable removable handle & ashtray for cleaning. Ensuring you get the most from your products. You can read more about stove maintenance in our blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You know that saying ‘There’s no such thing as a silly question.’ Well now is your chance to ask them all! Our team have compliled a list of the most frequestly asked questions by our customers before purchasing! This will help you undersatand our productss better, while giving you an answer right away!

This is another question with a depends answer! 1kw will generally heat 5m2 of a room. So if your sitting room is 35m2 then a 7kw would be adequate.

Right here! Contact our team to see which part you need. We don't list these parts online as sometimes you may think you need a certain part and purchase it only to find out it's the wrong part. It is easier to speak to our expert stove team and they will help you!

A stove can last as long as fiveteen years, however this is when you look after it! Regular sweeping, changing parts and general maintenance helps!

Some stoves are wood burning stoves only, so obviously this is answered. However all of the Heritage Stoves are multi fuel ready. Meaning you can burn all fuel types! So whether it's logs, peat or coal you can burn it all.

Stove parts only need to be replaced when they are no longer usable! We recommend checking out your stove at the beginning and end of winter for wear and tear!

Cast iron matt stoves are much cheaper to produce due to the casting technique. The Enamel finish takes longer to manufacture due to the properties of enamel! However, it is much easier to clean and keep an enamel stove.

We sell complete packages when you buy your stove! Our team will discuss your needs with you and offer you the complete package.