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Henley Kamado BBQ


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The Henley Kamado BBQ is the ultimate in ceramic grilling.

Get true charcoal flavour every time you grill, roast, smoke or bake with a cooking range of 82-399C on the Henley Kamado BBQ. It has an 24 inch diameter grill and includes everything that you will need to start cooking straight away –  grill, cart side shelves, ash tool and grill gripper.

The Henley Kamado provides a more even radiant heat and effective distribution of smoke to experience and taste food cooked to perfection. The key difference with this BBQ to others, is the Henley Kamado retains moisture in food when cooking. 

The Henley Kamado range boasts an internal ceramic finish for enhanced performance, strong and durable cast iron and steel construction, a thermostat and easy to control heat vents on top and bottom, as well as  a range colours to choose.


Key features: 

  • Grill Diameter: 24 Inches
  • Weight: 106 kg
  • Charcoal grilling & fuel saving
  • Wide Temperature Range: From high searing temp down to slow smoking(82-399°C)
  • Extra-large capacity
  • Extreme Versatility – Griller for searing, Smoker for indirect heat, Oven for pizza baking or roast for thicker cuts of meat eg whole chicken etc.
  • Retains Moisture:  in comparison to gas grill cooking.
  • Ceramic construction with great heat retention.
  • Construction Material
  • Cast iron, steel design
  • Contemporary finish
  • Flue outlet at top & bottom

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