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Stove and Fireplace Package

From: 1,699.00

Explore our brand new insert stove and fireplace package including a 45 degree bend, 500mm flue and a complimentary 5″ Flexi Kit.

Package Includes :

  • Atlantic Bay insert stove 5kw
  • 54″ Emma fireplace surround set including a polished granite hearth and insert panel
  • 5″ Flexi liner + Kit
  • 45 degree bend and 500mm 5″ solid Flue pipe
  • Fire cement


Introducing Our First All inclusive Insert stove and Fireplace Package

Our first all inclusive solution that brings warmth, style and efficiency to your home. Say goodbye to drafts and upgrade your living room with an innovative solution featuring our Atlantic Bay 5kw insert stove perfect for any standard 16″/18″ opening. The complimentary fireplace set includes a stylish Emma 54″ surround available in Ivory or Alpine white , a polished black granite hearth on a 2 inch riser and insert panel. We’ve thoughtfully included essential components like the 5″ Flexi Kit, a 45-degree bend for flexible installation, a 500mm 5″ solid flue for optimal venting, and fire cement to ensure a secure and sealed connection.

Stove Key Features:

  • Fuel: Multifuel
  • Heat Output: 4.6kw
  • Efficiency: 79.2%
  • Energy Rating: A
  • Flue Size: 125mm
  • 5 year warranty
  • Eco Design ready

The Atlantic Bay 5kw employs advanced convection-based technology to effectively heat your room, making it a standout among our most popular models. This high-performance stove not only warms your space efficiently but also meets the most stringent Eco design standards, ensuring an eco-friendly and sustainable heating solution.

Versatile Usage with DEFRA Exemption:

This stove’s DEFRA exemption confirms its adherence to stringent emissions standards, achieved after rigorous testing. Consequently, this certification empowers you to seamlessly integrate this stove into Smoke Control Areas, offering you greater flexibility in your choice of installation location.


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