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Screw Fit Stove Flue Pipe Adapter


The Screw Fit adapter replaces the need for screws when installing your stove.

You simply screw the adaptor on to the flex for a firm fit. The screw fit stove pipe connector is also known as flue adaptor or flex adaptor.

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The Screw Fit Stove Flue Pipe Adapter is used to fit a flexi liner to a stove pipe.

At MCD Home and Garden, we have a selection of stove products. The Screw Fit Stove Flue Pipe Adapter is a great piece of equipment, especially for fitting a stove into a new build. The adapter allows your to connect any type of appliance to the flexi flue liner. This screw fit stove pipe to flex adaptor ensures there is no need for screws. To install, simply screw the adaptor on to the flex for a firm fit.

The installation process has been laid out by our team. We recommended installation is only done by a trained tradesman. Instructions can be found in the tab below. It is recommended that chimneys burning solid fuel appliances be swept and maintained as frequently as necessary. This should be at least once a year. This helps to maintain a healthy burning inside your stove. Ensuring your equipment lasts longer.

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Technical Specs

316 grade Stainless Steel
Suitable for burning wood, smokeless fuel, oil, gas and other Hetas approved fuels
15 Years