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Stone Cladding Adhesive


Wall Cladding Adhesive is a ready-made dry mix!

The adhesive is made from mineral and organic binders, mineral fillers and modifying additives. When water is added and pasted, the product forms uniform adhesive mass designed for application in a thin layer. It provides strong bond and initial strength very quickly. After setting, the bond is water and frost-resistant.

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Stone Cladding Adhesive is an easy to use, ready mix paste!

The MCD Stone Cladding Adhesive is a ready made dry mix of minerals , binders and modifying additives. When water is added to the mix to form past, the product forms a uniform adhesove mass. This is designed to be applicated ina  thin layer. This ensures it provides a strong bond and initial strength right from the beginning. After the adhesive has set, the bond will be water and frost resistent.

The mortar is inteded for use on natural stone, concrete and wall or floor tiles. It can be used for either indoor or outdoor applications without any issue. The product can be applied to regular concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete, cellular concrete, cement and cement-lime plasters, load-bearing lime plaster, gypsum plaster, gypsum-plaster boards and gypsum-fiber boards.

The adhesive when pasted will cover 4 m2, and when set will be a grey colour between the surface and the cladding. Each bag contains 20 kilos of adhesive powder.

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