Setting up a Pop Up Gazebo

Here’s how you set up your MCD Pro tent Gazebo. The main thing to remember is not to force it, as parts may shear and damage may occur.

This guide will help you set up a Pop Up Gazebo in just five easy steps. We have included a video below to show you just how easy it is to set up your Pop Up Gazebo.

Step 1 –

Remove the gazebo from the storage bag. Stand the frame up on it’s legs. Ensure this is the centre of the area you want to cover. With two people standing either side of the frame, slowly open the gazebo by lifting it off the ground slightly. This will ensure there is no damage to the frame’s feet. Open it about half way and stop. Unfold and loosely place the canopy into position on top of the frame.

Step 2 –

With each person holding the middle truss bar on opposite sides. Open the frame until it is about 95% open. Remeber to be careful, don’t pinch your fingers.

For our 3m x 6m option, each person should grab the middle leg on each side.

Step 3 –

Engage the auto slider at each corner. This is done by pushing up with one hand while holding down on top of the leg with the other hand. You should hear a click from the ‘O’ ring, engaging with the hole. Repeat this on all other legs.

Step 4 –

At each corner, pull the hem of the canopy down to the bar. Secure the Velcro so the top is tight, with no sagging. The canopy can be further secured to the frame using the snap clip straps.

Step 5 –

Lift the two adjacent outer legs up together. Pull the inner leg until it clicks into place. Repeat this on other legs. Raise the gazebo to the desired height using the quick release pins.

Information on using your Pop Up Gazebo

There are some important things to take into consideration when using your gazebo.

Wind – If it is windy conditions, we recommend using stakes or weights to hold down the gazebo. If the wind becomes stronger, we recommend taking it down to avoid injury or damage.

Rain – In the rain, do not leave the shelter unattended.The gazebo canopy is made from waterproof material. However, ensure the fabric is completey dry before packing it away. If it is wet, mildew may grow on the fabric.

Cleaning – We use a mild detergent which is diluted with water. If you are unsure about your cleaning product. Always do a patch test on a hidden area.

Fire Safety – While MCD ProTent Gazebos are fire rated to BS 7837:1996 they can still burn. Do not use an open fire inside the gazebo. Cooking, heating or lighting should be atleast 75cm away from the gazebo walls and roof.

If you’re having trouble with set up. Talk to a member of the MCD Home and Garden Team. We can answer any query relating to your Pop Up Gazebo.

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