Heritage boiler stove GLENVEAGH 21kw Boiler Stove Expand

Heritage GLENVEAGH 21kw Boiler Stove

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The new boiler in town is the Glenveagh 21kw boiler stove. If you like a nice large window on your stove, the Glenveagh will suit you. This stove will provide heat to the room and also heat your hot water. It is termostatically controlled and provides efficiency of up to 78%

Heritage Stoves are renowned for their exceptional quality, and come with a limited 5 year guarantee. All stoves are CE marked with the relevant standards for efficiency, output and safety

  • 21kw

€ 1,149.00

tax incl.

Flue Size150mm
Power to Water15kw
Power to Room6kw
OtherEfficiency 78%
Warranty5 Years