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Hamco MORGAN 50C CASSETTE STOVE 8.5kw Multi Fuel Stove

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The Morgan 50c Cassette Stove offers a very generous output of 8.5Kw.
This is enough to heat your average to large family room but with the added feature of being set into you fireplace without adding to your hearth and without the intrusion of a freestanding stove.

Morgan 50c Inset Dry Features

  • Large window
  • Powerful Airwash to keep the glass clean
  • Cleanburn Technology, preheated combustion air giving you more heat to your room and less harmful emissions to the atmosphere
  • Vermiculite inner lining, improves combustion, helps keep the inside clean
  • Attractive Stainless Steel fittings
  • Ability to burn smokeless fuels and wood
  • 8.5kw

€ 1,150.00

tax incl.

Flue Size150mm
Self Cleaning (airwash)Yes
OtherCleanBurn Technology