We Solve Your Christmas Dinner Problems

You know the drill, You've invited all the family over for Xmas dinner. The turkey is resting,  spuds are mashed, gravy made. You call the family into the dining room to sit at the table.... You've only got 6 chairs for a family of 15. You can't put granny on the couch. Where did it go wrong... You think "I could've got folding furntiure from MCD Home and Garden and this nightmare wouldn't be true...."

Are they comfortable

Absolutely. They chairs are designed to have a slight dip in the seat to sink into for hours! While we have made the tables to a height of 74cm, comfortable for eating at. Even more perfect for playing that christmas family monopoly! 

Are they strong

Very, they're made from toughened blow moulded plastic. Both the tables and chairs have reinforced aliminium bars throughout and galvanised screws too. They're built to last! 

Will they stay white?

Of course, well that is unless you choose our black folding table and chairs! Our resilient blow moulded plastic finish will withstands the hardwearing kids at christmas. A plastic finish ensures the seat remains effortless to clean!

So you've decided to end your Christmas Day Nightmare

Wether it be just a chair, a six foot table, a round table for a family setting. Even if you want a full set with covers too, MCD Home and Garden has you covered! 

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