MCD Home & Garden in Dublin specialize in Premium wooden garden sheds, Stoves, Fireplaces, Pop Gazebos, Marquees & Party Tents, Tarpaulin Covers, Folding Tables and Chairs.

MCD Home & Garden specialize in manufacturing 100% hand made wooden garden sheds with metal roof. Our quality garden sheds are build in Ireland using pressure treated timber from Sweden. We offer bespoke wooden garden sheds with free delivery and installation in Dublin, Ashbourne, Drogheda, Navan, Naas and all Co Dublin. MCD Home and Garden Stoves centre in Dublin 11 stock one of Ireland’s largest range of Multi Fuel Stoves, insert stoves, double sided stoves, boiler stoves, cassette stoves, Irish stoves. Visit our stove warehouse in Dublin 11. As well as stoves you will find here large selection of Fireplaces and marble fire surrounds at low prices. We are main distributor in Ireland of Pro Tent heavy duty pop up gazebos, commercial pop up gazebos and industrial gazebos. We have massive selection of PVC marquees and Party tents for sale. Here at MCD Home and garden we have big selection of tarpaulin covers, cheap tarpaulin covers, heavy duty tarpaulin covers at low prices. We offer tarpaulin covers with next day delivery in Ireland. We also stock fantastic heavy duty folding tables and folding chairs. Our cheap folding tables and folding chairs are perfect for garden, weddings and venues. Call us now 01 804 1111.

MCD Garden Sheds Dublin, Ireland. Bespoke garden sheds, wooden garden sheds, pressure treated garden sheds. We offer garden sheds with free delivery in Dublin, Ashbourne, Navan, Drogheda, Naas and all Co.Dublin.

Our garden sheds are totally bespoke, and can be adapted to perfectly suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple garden storage solution, or a place to retreat from the stresses of the outside world, we’ll provide the ideal shed for your garden! At MCD Home & Garden Dublin, we have over a hundred different garden shed designs and sizes, all ready to be put together at a moment’s notice. With so many shed options available, we’re sure that we’ve got the perfect garden shed for you. If you’d like shed a bit more unique, though, then we’ll be more than happy to help. As garden shed design experts, we can incorporate your requirements and ideas into a one-of-a-kind garden shed that’s tailor made just for you.

Unlike some other companies, we never use cheap Chinese-imported wood when building our wooden garden sheds. Instead, we use premium, pressure-treated timber from Sweden. This special process works to give the wood plenty of extra strength, so that MCD wooden garden sheds will last you for many years to come. Totally water resistant, you’re protected from damp and rotting. We want you to get the maximum use out of your wooden shed, so by using the very finest, most durable materials, we provide outstanding value for money. On top of fully treated wood, we also use metal roofs in our garden sheds to keep them protected against the weather. Most other Irish shed manufacturers use felt roofs, you might think that this is the “classic” shed look. However, this is actually a common mistake to make, as felt is really intended as an underlay material. While it will last for a little while on the exterior of the roof, it will quickly wear out, letting water into the garden shed and causing the wood itself to rot away. Not so with MCD garden sheds, you’ll find that our metal roofs are the best in the business! We simply build and sell premium wooden garden sheds with metal roof. Other metal shed roofs are often made out of corrugated steel, but we go one step further and use industrial strength box-profile metal. This ensures that not a single drop of water will penetrate your garden shed, to keep everything as dry as a bone. We also fit the metal roof in the most secure manner possible, using a metal ridge cap and 38mm roofing screws.

That commitment to durability also extends to the windows of our bespoke timber garden sheds. Of course, you’ll need windows to let light in, and help make your garden shed an airier, more comfortable place to be. However, glass garden shed windows can easily break, which are costly to replace. For that reason, we use acrylic in all our shed windows, not only is it seventeen times tougher than glass, but unlike Perspex, it doesn’t discolour over time. That means you can enjoy crystal clear views from your garden shed, without any cracks spoiling the view. In most cases, our shed windows are 2ft square, but we’re happy to alter these dimensions if you so desire.

Every bespoke garden shed we sell at MCD Home & Garden is made in-house, to be sure that it’s just perfect for you. As we mentioned earlier, we offer a huge range of bespoke garden sheds, ranging in size from 4ftx6ft all the way up to 24ftx12ft. That means plenty of room to use your brand new wooden shed for anything you want. Whether it’s a place to keep the lawnmower, or a whole new room from which you can enjoy the garden, we’ve got the ideal solution for you. Just let us know what you need, and MCD can provide. Let’s work together to totally transform your garden for the better!

MCD Stoves Dublin Ireland. Massive stove warehouse Dublin 11. We offer multi fuel stoves, boiler stoves, insert stoves, cassette stoves and wood burning stoves to all customers in Dublin, Ashbourne, Navan, Drogheda, Naas and all Co.Dublin.

At MCD Home & Garden, we’re delighted to offer our customers a huge range of multi fuel stoves, so that everyone can benefit from the beauty and functionality that these classic stoves can bring. What better way of warming up on a cold winter’s day than in front of one of these beautiful multi fuel stoves or wood burning stoves? Bringing plenty of rustic charm into your home, not only do they provide a valuable function in heating your house, but they also make for a fantastic feature piece in any room!

Whatever your preferred style, you can be sure that we’ve got the ideal multi fuel Irish stove in stock, ready to be delivered. Our stoves range from 5kw up to 30kw, there’s a stove for every home here at MCD Home & Garden in Dublin 11. There are hundreds to choose from, including every style of stove you could think of. These include room heaters, insert stoves, boiler stoves, double sided stoves, cassette stoves, Henley stoves, Hamco stoves, Heritage stoves, value stoves, multi fuel stoves… the list goes on and on!

Our Irish stoves come DEFRA-approved as standard, so that you can be sure they are totally safe for home use. What’s more, many of them are also multi-fuel stoves, making them super easy to use. You’re free to use whichever fuel source is the most convenient for you, so that you can stay warm all winter long. Just load them up, and you’re ready to go! Not only they are cheap, yes cheap stoves for sale in Dublin, but also they are cast iron. Yes cheap cast iron stoves for sale Dublin.

Of course, a freestanding stove requires special equipment to install and luckily for you, we’ve got plenty to choose from on that front, too. With a variety of stoves flues and other stove accessories on offer in our massive stove warehouse in Dublin, we can provide everything you need to enjoy a traditional yet modern heating solution that is sure to look great in your home. Whether you want to fit your stove within a fireplace, or simply connect it to your chimney and leave it as it is, the choice is yours, so be sure to take a look at all that we have to offer! Please note that if you are leaving in Dublin, Ashbourne, Navan, Drogheda and looking for great stove fitter we can recommend you one, just call 01 804 1111.

Marble fireplaces for sale Dublin. Cheap fireplaces and fire surrounds for sale Dublin Ireland. Bertoneri marble and granite fireplaces for sale Dublin. Stoves and fireplaces for less Dublin 11.

If you want to put the perfect finishing touch on your living room, then a beautiful bespoke fireplace is the ideal choice. It naturally draws the eye, and brings a touch of class and old-time elegance that will certainly brighten up any room. However, plenty of people put off buying a new fireplace, because they don’t think that they will be able to afford it. At MCD Home & Garden, though, we’re delighted to prove those people wrong, we’ve got some fantastic traditional and contemporary fireplaces for sale, all at low prices! Visit our fireplaces showroom in Dublin 11.

Our fireplaces come in a variety of different materials, helping you to choose the ideal look for your living room. For something extra elegant and traditional, then a marble fireplace is always a great choice. On the other hand, granite fireplaces are a little more contemporary, so might be a better pick for a more modern home. We even have marfil and ivory fireplaces, which replicate the look of marble, but come in at just a fraction of the price. As well as offering complete fireplaces, we can also provide just the fireplace surround. The latter is a great choice in combination with one of our beautiful rustic stoves. Not only is it a highly functional appliance, but a surround will also make any stove into an incredible feature point of any room. The choice is yours- we’re here to provide you with everything you need for a great-looking home, no matter what your preferred style might be.

We also believe that you deserve the very best, which is why we stock fireplaces and surrounds from Bertonerri, one of the best fireplaces manufacturers. These are built to last, and offer everything you could ask for in a modern fireplace. When you shop from MCD, you can therefore be sure that you’re getting only the finest marble fireplaces on the market today. Have a browse of what we’ve got on offer, we’re certain you’ll find a fireplace or surround that you fall in love with! Visit our showroom or online shop and check prices of cheap marble fireplaces and fire surrounds we have on sale.

Pop Up Gazebos & Marquees for sale Dublin Ireland. Heavy duty pop up gazebos Dublin. Commercial pop up gazebos Dublin. Heavy duty Marquees and Party tents Dublin Ireland.

Looking for the ideal accompaniment to any outdoor event? Or perhaps you just need some sheltered space in your garden in case the weather turns bad at your next back garden barbecue? Whether you’re a trader in need of a market stall, or just a homeowner who wants to get more out of their garden, we’ve got the perfect solution for you- one of our amazing pop up gazebos and marquees available for sale Dublin Ireland.

Our very own MCD Pro Tent pop up gazebos have so much to offer to anyone looking for a pop up gazebo of shelter, wherever they might need it. Available in a range of sizes, all of our pop up gazebos have been built to last, with strong, heavy duty frames and water-resistant covers. Even in bad weather, you’ll find that Pro Tent gazebos don’t let you down, and keep you and any equipment you might have with you sheltered and dry.

If you’re going to be running a stall at an outdoor event, then a heavy duty pop up gazebo or commercial pop up gazebo is an absolute must. Whether you’re in wet weather or dry, a Pro Tent gazebo not only gives you some much-needed shelter, but it also helps you to present a more professional image to your customers. Keeping everything secure in a single area, they’re the ideal choice for Christmas markets, sporting events, garden parties, and much more.

MCD Pro Tent pop up gazebos aren’t just for commercial use, though. Since they are so affordable and easy to set up, they’re also a top pick for your garden, too. Since they pack up small, they are simple to store, so no one should be without one. With a heavy duty pop up gazebo, you will be able to make more use of your garden- even if the weather’s bad, you can still stay dry! So, whether it’s for business or leisure, a pop up gazebo is a great buy- so take a look at what we’ve got on offer!

When it comes to outdoor events, a marquee or party tent is a must-have. From weddings to garden parties, a marquee or party tent allows you to create the perfect venue for your event almost instantly. At MCD PRO TENT, we’ve got marquees and party tents of all sizes, so whatever your needs, we can provide the perfect solution!

Our engineers have carefully crafted our Pro Tent marquees and party tents to be heavy duty and water resistant, meaning you can use them time and again without any wear and tear. The frames of our Pro Tent marquees and party tents are constructed entirely from metal to ensure durability and stability, even in adverse weather conditions. Specially engineered with hexagonal profile framework for maximum strength, you can really rely on our marquees and party tents to provide a solid base for all your outdoor events.

While all our commercial marquees and party tents are designed to be heavy duty, they are also remarkably easy to set up, too. Other marquees might require a lot of time and effort to put up, but you’ll find that the light-weight construction and pop up system of our tents means that they are easy to set up, and won’t take up a big chunk of your day to get your outdoor venue up and running. Simply unpack the poles, follow the enclosed instructions, and you’ll have a full-size marquee ready in next to no time at all.

Not only does all that engineering ingenuity help make our marquees and party tents durable and easy to put up, but it also means we can offer them for a remarkably affordable price, too. We think that everyone should have access to a high quality, water resistant marquee or party tent for all their outdoor events, so we offer extremely competitive prices on all sizes. Durability, affordability, and easy to set up- everything you could want in the perfect marquee! You can visit our showroom in Dublin or you can purchase pop up gazebo and marquees online.

Cheap Tarpaulin Covers for sale Dublin Ireland. Heavy duty tarpaulin covers Dublin Ireland. Waterproof tarpaulin covers for sale Dublin Ireland. Tarpaulin covers direct Ireland.

When the weather gets bad, you’ll naturally want to keep all your garden furniture and other outdoor equipment safe and protected. The obvious way to do just that is with a heavy duty, waterresistant and windresistant tarpaulin cover, and luckily for you, we’ve got a huge range of them in stock!

As you probably already know, tarpaulin is an excellent material to keep things dry. As a highly water-resistant material, you can be sure that anything properly covered with a tarpaulin will be kept safe from the rain when you leave it outside. In addition, a high quality tarpaulin cover is also wind resistant, adding some much needed extra durability. In short, the right tarpaulin is an essential purchase for anything you’re planning on storing outside, or somewhere that the wind and rain could get to it.

MCD tarpaulin covers range in size from a modest 2x2m up to a massive 15x25m, so whatever you need to keep covered, we have the ideal solution for you. What’s more, our tarps also come in a range of quality grades: light duty tarpaulin covers, medium duty tarps, heavy duty tarpaulin covers, and super heavy duty tarps. Light duty and medium duty tarps have the advantage of being cheap, and they should meet most people’s needs when it comes to keeping things covered. On the other hand, the higher-end tarps provide an astonishing amount of protection, making them a solid choice for vehicles and any other expensive items that you need to store outside.

At MCD Home & Garden, we’re proud to provide such a great range of tarpaulin covers, at such low prices. Cheap doesn’t have to mean low quality- everything we offer is heavy duty and built to last. If you’re investing a lot of time and money into creating the perfect garden, then don’t let all that go to waste. Keep everything in your garden protected, and invest in a tarpaulin today. This is one purchase that you’ll get a lifetime of use out of! If you are looking for cheap tarpaulin cover MCD tarps are perfect for you. 

Folding Tables & Folding Chairs for sale Dublin Ireland. Heavy duty folding tables for sale Dublin Ireland. Heavy duty folding chairs for sale Dublin Ireland.

No garden would be complete without furniture. After all, if you don’t have somewhere to sit, then you won’t be able to make the most out of your garden. On the other hand, it’s not always practical to have furniture sitting outside- when the weather’s bad, they might become damaged. Let’s face it- here in Ireland, nice weather only comes every so often. You therefore need a garden furniture solution that’s portable and easy to store- and that’s where our folding tables and chairs can help.

At MCD Home & Garden, we’ve got a huge selection of tables and chairs that are ideal for any garden. For instance, our tables are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from a 4ft round table, all the way up to a 3m trade table that’s ideal for outdoor events. While we offer them for cheap prices, they are nevertheless extremely strong and heavy duty, so that you will get many years of use out of them. They’re the ideal outdoor solution- wherever you might need them, our tables and chairs are easy to set up and enjoy!

Of course, one of the big advantages of folding tables and chairs is that they are extremely easy to set up and put away. When they are folded up, you can easily store your furniture in the garage or shed, without it taking up very much room. As soon as the sun comes out, you can immediately get the furniture out, and make the most of the weather. We’re delighted to offer such a great selection of folding tables and chairs, all at outstanding prices that will suit any budget. Whether you just need a couple of chairs, or you want a whole set of garden furniture, we’ve got just what you’re looking for- so have a browse to see it all for yourself!