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Boiler Stoves

Boiler Stoves offer a high efficiency and quality heating system for your home.

Our boiler stoves provide a heating solution that will heat both your home and your room. The boiler system can be connected to your homes radiator system to provide warm to the entire house. Every boiler stove comes with an inbuilt thermostat for easy heat control.

The Boiler Stove range is available in sizes from 16kW up to 30kW. These stoves will heat from 8 to 20 radiators in your home. Each stove will provide greater heating output to the radiators, compared to the heat output to the room. For example our Glenveagh 16kW stove offers 5kW room heat and 11kW water heat to the radiators. This enables you to head your home while keeping your room with the stove comfortable.

All Boiler stoves offer a multi fuel heating options. This ensures you can heat your home with a wide range of heating options including wood, pellet, coal or turf. The stoves are available in a Matt Black Finish. This ensures a retro feeling stove that will feel at home in most fireplaces.

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