Frequently Asked Questions

You know that saying ‘There’s no such thing as a silly question.’ Well now is your chance to ask them all! Our team have compliled a list of the most frequestly asked questions by our customers before purchasing! This will help you undersatand our productss better, while giving you an answer right away!

  • What base should I use?

The building does require a solid level base that is capable of taking significant weight. If your base is not level and you have not provided any blocks your building may be left for self assembly. For any garden shed with PVC windows or doors, we insist on a concrete base.

  • How many blocks do I need? 

This depends on the size of your shed and the type of it! Our delivery team will let you know!

  • Do I have to Varnish my shed even though it's pressure treated? 

Adding a layer of varner of varnish is recommended, simply follow the steps in our care guide! Varnish acts like a think waterproof jacket to your building!

  • Can you do a bespoke size because the space in my Garden is 4.5ft x 7ft 

We can certainly look at any design you may have and provide a quote if its possible for us to produce. Check out our Garden Room page for a look at some of the work we have done!

  • How do the sheds arrive? 

Our sheds are delivered by a team of expert fitters. They will take the shed into your garden, clear the base and build your shed!

  • Does the price include delivery and installation?

The price shown includes delivery and installation in Dublin and parts of Meath, Louth, Kildare and Wicklow. However we deliver and fit our sheds, summerhouses and garden rooms nationwide. The cost is calculated at checkout, simply add your Eircode to find out. Alternatively call our sales team to check.

  • Do I have to be there when the shed is being delivered? 

Yes, we need to have a receiver there to show us where in the garden the shed will be fitted, and to sign off on the order upon inspection.

  • How long does it take to erect a shed? 

Again, this depends. The average shed would be roughly an hour whereas a larger summerhouse may take a half day. Some garden rooms can be a two day job!

  • Can I change X and Y on the shed ie no windows, extra windows, additional door?

Of course! Check out the optional upgrades tab on each of our garden shed products to see what extras we offer! Speak with a member of our team and they will guide you through how to add any extras to your order!

  • What does the Membrane do?

Each MCD Garden Shed is lined with an internal membrane. This liner is a breathable fabric, allowing moisture and condensation to escape the room. Reducing any build up of damp or mould.

  • How do I know if I have any access restrictions? 

Any homes with a side entrance that has no height restricitions generally has no access restrictions. Where our team must go through your house to get to your garden is where we may have issues! Measure your door frame, it needs to be higher than 2.4m for our team to bring it through. Also, let us know if there is any tight turns. This can cause issues for us.

Don't worry, our team can make the panels smaller, we jsut need to know!

  • Is there anything I need to do before delivery? 

Firstly, clear the area for your garden shed. We will let you know how many bricks to have ready.

  • What guarantee does your product come with?

The timber we use is fully pressure treated, therefore it comes with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee. The roof is box profile steel and will last the life of the building with no maintenance required on the roof.

  • Do I need to maintain my new garden building?

A timber product will always need maintaining to get the maximum life span. We will send you a care guide for you to follow with your order confirmation.

  • Do I pay in full at the time of order?

If you order over the phone, at the time of order we take a 25% deposit then the balance is not due until the day before installation, you can however pay a larger deposit or the amount in full at the time of ordering if you prefer. If you place your order on the website there is not an option to pay a deposit – the order will need to be paid in full.

  • Do I need to install guttering?

We always recommend to install guttering. We can offer this as an upgrade, please ask the sales team. Guttering allows you to control the water coming off the roof. Without guttering you will find water will run off the roof and hit the ground. This will splash back against the building at floor level possibly causing damp problems.

  • What size stove should I get? Is the 7kW big enough for my sitting room?

This is another question with a depends answer! 1kw will generally heat 5m2 of a room. So if your sitting room is 35m2 then a 7kw would be adequate.

  • Where can I get parts for my stove? 

Right here! Contact our team to see which part you need. We don;t list these parts online as sometimes you may think you need a certain part and purchase it only to find out it's the wrong part. It is easier to speak to our expert stove team and they will help you!

  • How long will the stove last? How long do people normally get out of a stove? 

A stove can last as long as fiveteen years, however this is when you look after it! Regular sweeping, changing parts and general maintenance helps!

  • What is best to burn in the stove? 

Some stoves are wood burning stoves only, so obviously this is answered. However all of the Heritage Stoves are multi fuel ready. Meaning you can burn all fuel types! So wether its logs, peat or coal you can burn it all.

  • How often do I have to replace the parts? 

Stove parts only need to be replaced when they are no longer usable! We recommend checking out your stove at the beginning and end of winter for wear and tear!

  • Why is an enamel stove so much more expensive?

Cast iron matt stoves are much cheaper to produce due to the casting technique. The Enamel finish takes longer to manufacture due to the properties of enamel! However, it is much easier to clean and keep an enamel stove.

  • What other things do I need to put the stove in? 

We sell complete packages when you buy your stove! Our team will discuss your needs with you and offer you the complete package.

  • How heavy is the pop32/Hex40/Hex50 frame? 

Each frame is heavier than the next! Meaning each frame is stronger than the next.

  • Would I be able to put it up on my own? 

Short answer is no. We recommend having atleast two people put the gazebo up and down.

  • How do I secure the gazebo while in use? 

We sell two types of weights, a U weight for single gazebo or a H weight for securing two gazebos together. Sandbag weights can also be used to secure the legs down while in use.

  • Can I not get 2 sidewalls? 

Our side walls come in packs of four. That's because we have a package which includes a back wall, two windows and a door!

  • What's the difference between the frames? 

Our Pop32 is a heavy duty gazebo, ideally used and taken down each time. The Hex 40 is a commercial gazebo, used for farmers markets or trade shows weekly and reset each week. The Hex 50 is our strongest gazebo. It can be used every day of the year and left up all the time!

  • Are they waterproof?

The canopy is made using a water resistant PVC material. 600 Denier polyester is coated with PVC on one side to make it water repellent and durable.

  • Will it fit in my car? 

Most cars can take home one gazebo with canopy and side walls. However this is subject to the car. It needs to be able to have the seats folded down and enough space with to fit atleast 2m.

  • What does GSM mean?

GSM stands for grams per square meter. So the higher this number, the more weight each meter squared will carry.

  • What Weight Tarpaulin do I need?

Different scenarios need different GSM tarpaulins. Speak to our team about your project and they will let you know which exact one fits best.

Covering Furniture: 110gsm

Covering an Awning: 185gsm

Boat Covers: 200gsm

Agriculture: 300gsm+

  •  Are they Waterproof?

Yes, our covers are all of a high thread count which means they will not allow water to see through.

  • How many eyelets are on the Tarpaulins? 

Each tarpaulin has an eyelet every 50cm with a reinforced corner in each tarpaulin. The 110gsm and 185gsm however has eyelets each 100cm, but still has reinforced covers.

  • How do I secure a Tarpaulin?

We suggest using a combo of elastic shock cords and a couple of ball bungees. These cords are elastic so that when wind moves the tarpaulin, they will stretch instead of the tarpaulin.

  • Can I get a different Size or Weight than what's on the website? 

Of course, Just contact us to ask if we can get it for you. Please note that non standard sizes will have a longer delivery time as this will be manufactured to order.

  • Are they suitable to use outdoors? 

Yes! We love using our folding furniture to create outdoor dining spaces under the gazebo! We sell sets too, so you don't need to order separately

  • Are they heavy? 

Heavy Duty yes, but not heavy weight! All of our folding furniture weighs less than 10kgs!

  • How small do the 6ft/4ft folding tables fold to? Would I get them in my car? 

The tables fold into two halves, this will be 3ft or 2ft repectively.

Still not found your answer? Don’t worry, you can ask us a question by clicking the button below. Our team will get back to your query with an answer!