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Insert Stoves

Our range of Insert Stoves are a clean, stylish heating solution for your home.

Insert Stoves fits seamlessly into a flat walled fireplace. This stove will sit flush in your fireplace, ensuring you maximize the space in your home. It is a stove that is discrete, while offering plenty of warmth.

These stoves are perfect for any home. They are available in a range of colours to suit your colour preference. From Matt Black, Black Enamel to a clean Cream Enamel, this stove will fit seamlessly into the most neutral of rooms. For a more rustic feel our black stoves provide the perfect inset stove option.

Our range of Insert Stoves offer a choice of fuel combinations. They are multi fuel in design ensuring you a use wood, coal, pellet or turf to heat your room. This ensures a stove that can cater to your needs to matter the time of the year.

The Pollmore inset stoves are available in either 5kW or 7kW variants. Each stove has a clear window pane, ensuring the fiery warmth can flood the room in the coldest or dampest of days.

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