Folding Tables and Chairs Banner Outdoor Furniture

When you want to host a dinner party, the folding table and chairs are necessary for your outdoor furniture.

A folding table is an excellent choice for people who need to host large events outdoors. Furthermore, it is also great for families that enjoy barbecuing or hosting parties in their back garden.

The Trestle chairs are the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor table setting because they can stand up to heavy use outdoors and they are easy to set up.

Our heavy duty tables and chairs are often used in outdoor settings. They are the perfect furniture to use in spaces with limited space. They can be easily stored when not in use or transported with ease to another location for an event.

A folding table and chairs set is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in many different settings. You can use it for outdoor dining, or as conference solutions, or as extra seating at a dinner party.

Here are some important things to consider before purchasing Folding Tables and Chairs:

– How many tables do you need?

Our six foot trestle table can fit six comfortably, or ten spaciously when joined together!

– What will you be using the table and chairs for?

Our tables are available in white or black, but if you need them for a functionm we also stock covers for our folding tables and chairs!

– Are folding tables and chairs hard to clean?

Yes! Thanks to it’s toughened blow moulded plastic. This seat will withstand almost anything. You can use any cleaning material on the chair and it will be good as new!

– How much weight can a folding table hold?

The folding table can comfortably hold up to 80kgs! We have tested our selection of tables before we stock them, each passing european safety standard.

– How much weight can a folding chair hold?

The chair can comfortably hold up to 120kgs! While all of our folding chairs have been vigourously tested, it is important to note, you should never stand on these chairs.

Check out some of the Folding Tables and Chairs we offer at MCD Home and Garden. You can view our full range of Folding Tables and Chairs here