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45mm Belvedere Artificial Grass

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Any garden would benefit from the extremely soft, Luxurious Belvedere artificial grass!

Belvedere’s colour is a realistic Irish green with a slight brown tinge between tufts.

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Choose between 2m or 4m widths and select the length to suits your garden!
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Any garden would benefit from the extremely soft, luxuriousBelvedere artificial grass!

Our Belvedere Artifical Grass is luxury woven. Boasting an authentic real look and feel. Belvedere’s colour is a realistic Irish green with a slight brown tinge between tufts. The yarn has a very silky lustre to it. Just like natural grass, without the hassle! Belvedere is child friendly and protective for pets! Its extra soft waffle shaped fibres ensure a comfortable and luxurious feel under foot! Our Artificial Grass comes with an 10 year guarantee and a CE mark!

Every blade of wild grass we observed had a distinct form, length, thickness, and color. This is the reason why wild grass appears totally unplanned. In close collaboration with our development team, by modifying our machinery, and by assembling the top yarn makers in the world, we were able to replicate this natural look. Together, we have accomplished something amazing! We only work with the highest quality European materials when producing our stunning range of artificial grass. This way we can ensure our quality never drops! Also, making all of our grass free from lead and cadmium.

Luxury Synthetic Grass

Our turf is available in 2m or 4m widths. Lengths can be cut in half metre increments up to 30 metres. The Belvedere has an excellent level of UV stabilisation. Protecting your grass from the degrading influence of sun, rain and frost! Guaranteeing a natural look and feel for years to come! The luxurious weighted feel of Belvedere artificial grass is 2710 grams per square meter. With approximately 1750gsm of turf per pile. The fiber of this artificial grass is a monofilament of PE that has a PP rootzone.

Artificial Grass Details

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Yarn Detex 18.800 Dtex / 26ply
Primary Backing 100% PP with fibre-lock fleece
Coating SBR Latex Approx 800gsm
Water Permeability approx 60l / M2
Tuft Gauge 5/8 Gauge
Stitches per straight linear metre 135
Stitches per metre squared 8.5
Roll Width 2m or 4m
Total Height 47mm

Frequently asked questions about Belvedere Artifical Grass

What is PE Monofilament?

Polyethylene is a popular choice for outdoor furniture fabric and geotextiles. It’s a manufactured fiber made of polymerized polyethylene units. Monofilament fabrics are woven from extruded synthetic filaments produced

What is PP Rootzone?

The RootZone is a layer of texturized fibre that encapsulates the sand and rubber infill layer. By holding in the infill and minimising migration, it provides more consistent footing, enhanced cleat release, and better resistance to wear. Over the years, our engineers have perfected the texturizing process to ensure optimal fiber texture and form with every batch we produce.

Can I have a BBQ on my Artificial Grass?

Barbecues and grills should never be placed directly onto artificial gardens and, instead, should be set up on a fireproof surface such as paving slabs or brick patio to ensure it is level and stable.

How is the artificial grass laid?

Artificial grass is easily installed yourself, (We do have helpers who can do it for you!) 

Check out our how to guide right here! 

Can MCD Install my Artificial Grass?

We have a number of installers who we recommend! Just give us a call and we will organise a visit for you!

Can Water go through the lawn?

Yes. Artificial grass is porous, with holes in the specially-designed backing allowing free drainage.