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Pop 50 – Industrial Gazebo – Frame and Canopy

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The Pop 50 is the everyday outdoors friend, it’s built to resist bumps and everyday use!

  • Made using reinforced aluminium!
  • The canopy is made using a water resistant PVC material.
  • Fireproof Canopy and Walls in accordance to BS 7837:1996
Simply choose your gazebo frame size and colour below!
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Looking for an extreme use, Industrial Strength Pop Up Gazebo?

The Pop 50 Industrial Pop Up Gazebo is an incredibly strong unit. Able to withstand the harsh conditions of a building site day in, day out! Once weighted, it will hold in strong winds. Check below for the wind certifications! 

Heavy Duty Frame 

The Pop 50 Heavy Duty Gazebo has a 50mm hexagonal profile frame made from Aluminium. The internal roof frame has reinforced tubing. These joints prevent the roof from moving in the wind and absorb the pressures. A spring loaded centre pole also absorbs the pressure from high winds and extreme gusts. Every component of the Pop 50 is made from Aluminium.

The gazebo frame can be set to five heights,with easy glide sliders that allow for effortless popping up action which will have the tent up and ready to add the sides in less than one minute.

Canopy and side walls

All of our fabric is rated at 600D and is made from 100% polyester with a PVC coating. This material is completely water resistant, UV resistant and a flame retardant. This material is fireproof in accordance to BS 7837:1996

Four full sidewalls included with the full set which allows you to fully enclose the gazebo for colder, rainy days! . The sidewalls join to the gazebo canopy with a strong velcro strip and also strap to the legs of the tent. All sides will also zip together for a strong, secure and weatherproof join. The side wall packs contain a back wall, two side walls (with optional windows) and a front door that zips shut!

Sizes and Measurements. 

The Pop 50 range is available in three sizes 

  • 3m x 3m (10 x 10ft)
  • 3m x 4.5m (10ft x 15ft)
  • 3m x 6m (10ft x 20ft)

All three sizes have the same height. At it’s heighest the gazebo measures 3380mm, and can be decreased in height in 750mm increments with the pull pins on the legs. On the shortest setting, the Gazebo measures 2570mm.


At MCD, we strive to dispatch all orders, unless there is a rare exception, within one day from ordering. The industrial pop up gazebo Pallet Network. As such your delivery time will range from 2 days to 5 Days

What’s in the package

When you order the Pop 50, you get the following : Frame, Canopy, Wheel Carry Bag and Pegs.

What Can it be placed on?

The MCD range of Pop Up Gazebos are suitable for almost any surface! While we always recommend using the gazebo on grass with pegs or on a firm base with weights. We have designed the gazebo for use on other surfaces. You can raise each leg to its own height, for use on uneven surfaces. 

No matter the surface we always recommend using Cast Iron Weights, Sandbag Weights or a Tie Down Kit

Spares & Parts

We have a selection of spares and replacement parts for our range of Pop Up Gazebos. Unfortunately we are unable to provide spares or parts for other makes or models as they will not fit. Call us directly for spares.

Did you know we can print and brand your gazebo?

We can fully customise and brand your Pop Up Gazebo! We offer a full HD, colour Dye Sublimation printing service. This can be done on the Roof, Valance, Side Walls or Half Walls. We have an in-house design team who will assist with design and branding concepts. Helping you to visual your concept.

How to set up a Pop Up Gazebo

Step 1 –

Remove the gazebo from the storage bag. Stand the frame up on it’s legs. Ensure this is the centre of the area you want to cover. With two people standing either side of the frame, slowly open the gazebo by lifting it off the ground slightly. This will ensure there is no damage to the frame’s feet. Open it about half way and stop. Unfold and loosely place the canopy into position on top of the frame.

Step 2 –

With each person holding the middle truss bar on opposite sides. Open the frame until it is about 95% open. Remeber to be careful, don’t pinch your fingers.

For our 3m x 6m option, each person should grab the middle leg on each side.

Step 3 –

Engage the auto slider at each corner. This is done by pushing up with one hand while holding down on top of the leg with the other hand. You should hear a click from the ‘O’ ring, engaging with the hole. Repeat this on all other legs.

Step 4 –

At each corner, pull the hem of the canopy down to the bar. Secure the Velcro so the top is tight, with no sagging. The canopy can be further secured to the frame using the snap clip straps.

Step 5 –

Lift the two adjacent outer legs up together. Pull the inner leg until it clicks into place. Repeat this on other legs. Raise the gazebo to the desired height using the quick release pins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You know that saying ‘There’s no such thing as a silly question.’ Well now is your chance to ask them all! Our team have compliled a list of the most frequestly asked questions by our customers before purchasing! This will help you undersatand our productss better, while giving you an answer right away!

Each frame is heavier than the next! Meaning each frame is stronger than the next.

Short answer is no. We recommend having atleast two people put the gazebo up and down.

We sell two types of weights, a U weight for single gazebo or a H weight for securing two gazebos together. Sandbag weights can also be used to secure the legs down while in use.

Our side walls come in packs of four. That's because we have a package which includes a back wall, two windows and a door!

Our Pop32 is a heavy duty gazebo, ideally used and taken down each time. The Hex 40 is a commercial gazebo, used for farmers markets or trade shows weekly and reset each week. The Hex 50 is our strongest gazebo. It can be used every day of the year and left up all the time!

The canopy is made using a water resistant PVC material. 600 Denier polyester is coated with PVC on one side to make it water repellent and durable.

Most cars can take home one gazebo with canopy and side walls. However this is subject to the car. It needs to be able to have the seats folded down and enough space with to fit atleast 2m.