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Tarp Grabbers

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You can use a Tarp Grabber to repair older tarpaulins!

Tarp Grabbers are made from a strong recycled material, and are up to 4 times stronger than brass eyelets. They are easy to install by piercing through the tarpaulin, and can help repair old sheets in just seconds. The eyelet is approx. 15mm. in diameter

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Tarp Grabbers can help to repair your old, worn tarpaulins.

Tarp Grabbers are designed using a strong, recycled material. This plastic material means they are up to four times stronger than brass eyelets. Installation of a Tarpaulin Grabber is very easy. You simply unfasten the button. Measure where on the tarp you want to place it. Once you have positioned the eyelet on your tarpaulin, pierce the fabric. When you have pierced through, ensure the grabber is strongly in place.

They are excellent for repairing old tarpaulin sheets which have been damaged. The eyelet hole will look brand new. It will measure approximately 15mm. The grabbers are very useful for making your own: Boat covers, equipment covers, truck tarps, door shields, furniture protectors, wood pile covers and customize existing tarps for a better fit. The tarp grabs are a universal, versatile product. They are available in two packet sizes. A packet of four, or a packet of twelve. Ensuring that they will work with tarpaulins of all sizes.

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