What is the best burner for me? 

A guide through all of our best selling stove types. From Solid Fuel to Electric, read our guide on finding the right burner to fit your home.

Winter is coming… That time of year where everybody thinks ‘how can I reduce my heating costs’. Look no further, an MCD Multi Fuel Burner can help reduce heating costs over the year. In fact, the net fuel cost for a multi fuel burner is lower than coal, heating oil or natural gas. A controllable burner is the economical & contemporary take on a traditional open flame fire. Containing the heat and directing it to where you need it, be that out into the room or into a back boiler too, for central heating radiators.

I know you’re wondering ‘what style would suit my home?’. So I have written a guide on all of the types available on the market from wood burning stoves to inset electric fires. 

The style of stoves

Insert Stoves

An insert stove is exactly how it sounds. It is a stove that has been inset to your wall. It is almost flush with the wall. They are the ideal solution for smaller rooms, Taking up less space than a freestanding stove.  

The main question we get about insert stoves is

 ‘Can i retrofit my fireplace with an insert stove

 and the answer is yes!  An insert stove ideally fits in a 16” or 18” fireplace opening. 

Insert Stoves are available as room heaters  for those who want the warmth and efficiency of a cast iron stove with the appearance of an open fire. A back boiler option will improve your heating efficiency considerably. 

Cassette Stoves

A cassette stove, like an insert style, is one which is inset to the wall. However, there is a distinctive difference between the two. Cassette stoves are installed to your wall at various heights. As a result, most cassette stoves will sit more flush to the wall than a traditional inset stoves. 

 A wide range of cassette stoves are in landscape orientation optimizing your room space with a feature wall. A personal favourite is a Double Sided Cassette Stove

Not only do Cassette Stoves heat your home, some can heat your water too. They can be used to create a central heating system. While it is regularly thought that an inset stove doesn’t generate as much heat as a traditional stove, this is not true. In general Cassette Stoves are over 80% efficient. The MCD Heritage stove range all boast an A+ energy rating. 

Boiler Stoves

The MCD range of Boiler Stoves are known for high efficiency and quality. Boiler stoves are available from multiple brands in our collection from the Pellet boiler stove to Stanley Boiler Stove. Installation can be as a Free Standing stove or as an Insert stove. 

The boiler works by  a heat exchanger enclosed at the rear of the burning chamber and a hot water output at the top and a cold water feed at the bottom of the chamber. Generally, a Boiler stove will heat 1 radiator per 2 Kw of energy output. A 12kw Stanley Ardmore Boiler Stove will heat 5-6 regular sized radiators and still have 3.5 Kw of energy output to heat the room. The Glenveagh 30 Kw Boiler Stove can heat up to 20 regular radiators. It will still output roughly 30 Kw of heat to the room. The excess heat will be stored in your water tank for your hot tap. Boilers come equipped with a thermostat. This gives you the greatest control over the heat your stove emits. 

If you need advice on what stove size you would need for your house, why not ask an expert? You can do so by clicking HERE

Another important factor to consider for your Boiler Stove is ‘What is the best fuel for a boiler stove?’ You can find out what our experts think below!

Free Standing Stoves

Arguably the most common of all stoves. The free standing stove is one to be the centerpiece of your room. It only takes a moment to find some great Free Standing Stove Ideas to design your living room into a wonderful space. Free standing sounds as it looks, it is a stove that hasn’t been inset. They are designed to compliment modern living while retaining a traditional design.  

The Free Standing Range of room heaters are ideal for open plan houses. They can be installed on the hearth of the home. They are a vocal point of any room, and an extra talking point are double sided stoves. The Brandon 16 Kw is the stove pictures to the left. Having a door either side, allowing for 8 Kw of heat output it ensures an even dispersal of heat. 

Pellet Stoves

While a Pellet Stove may come with a slightly higher price tag, the value it brings cannot be underestimated. Pellet stoves are one of the most innovative systems for domestic heating. They are very easy to use, automatic with built in time control and thermostat. Many stoves even come with a matching app. 

Above all, the running costs are much smaller than traditional heating methods. Pellet stoves are almost 90% efficient meaning less than 10% of heat output is lost to the chimney. Reservoirs store up to 90kg of wood pellets, meaning that they require no touch for up to 36 hours, while still staying lit. 

Lastly, the wood pellets are cheap, We touch more on that below. 

The Wood Pellet Stoves are a great investment for the modern home, they have a neutral carbon balance and have an easy to use tech side to them.