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Easyfix Hook


Broken the hook on your shock cord? Don’t worry, Easy Fix Hooks are a simple repair!

This is a large EasyFix hook. Simply feed your bungee or rope through the collar at the base of the hook, and brace against the spine to hold tight. This hook is suitable for use with 8mm and 10mm bungee cord.

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EasyFix Hooks are an excellent accessory for broken shock cord hooks.

Our EasyFix Hooks are a versatile, hard wearing, durable clip. They are suited for used with a 8 mm or 10 mm bungee cord. The EasyFix design means you don’t need any extra tools to fit them to the bungee cord. Once fitted, they are easily adjustable with no need for a pliers or other tool. These hooks can be fitted at any point on the elastic shock cord. They are constructed from heavy duty plastic. They will last in the toughest of conditions.

Easy Fix Hooks are sold individually. The Large Easyfix Hook is a single piece accessory, complete with collar and brace to stop the bungee. If you require elastic shock cord replacement. We stock that in our range. Please see below for a link to the complete range. Elasticated cord can be dangerous. Please see the safety note in the extra tab below.

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Safety Note

Please note – warning: Use caution when stretching and/or releasing cord. Keep eyes, face, unprotected parts of the body & children out of any rebound path. Protective eyewear is recommended when installing any elasticated product, uncontrolled release can cause injury. Do not use for personal restraint, lifting or towing. Check cord regularly for any signs of wear or damage especially when stretched more than 25% of unstretched length.