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Flexi Flue Kit

From: 279.99

The kit includes Flexi Flue Liner Top Plate & Clamp, Flex to Single Wall Flue Adapter & Rain Cap.

The Flexi Flue Liner is a flexible flue liner suitable for relining within a masonry chimney. Flexi Flue liner is suitable for use with burning gas, oil, coal, coke, cured dry logs, cured dry peat, smokeless fuels.

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The Flexi Flue Kit has all the elements needed to connect your stove.

The Flexi Flue Kit has a double skinned Flue, Top Plate & Clamp, Flex to Single Wall Flue Adapter & Rain Cap. This flexible liner is suitable for relining within a masonry chimney. It can be used for multi fuel stoves which burn gas, oil, coal, coke, dry cured logs, seasoned peat or even smokeless fuels.

Installing a flexible liner is a great way of minimizing the risk of a chimney fire. The system has been designed to upgrade existing chimneys which have failed, or for use where the performance is not adequate for modern conditions.

The Flexi flue liner has a smooth inner liner made from 316L grade stainless steel and is 0.12mm thick. It’s outer liner has a convoluted skin, also made from stainless steel measuring 0.12mm. The Coil Drum is constructed from a single strip of steel which is bent at 180 degrees and then the seam is folded in four planes to give a quattro lock seal. Ensuring to increase the strength through out. The Flexi Flue Liner has been approved by HETAS and carried the CE mark. Assuring you of the quality it has been built with.

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