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Super Tarpaulin 185GSM


The Super Heavy Duty Tarpaulins are strong durable coverings . The 185gsm material is fit for almost all agricultural and marine applications. Reinforced corners offer multiple fixing points for this tarp.

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The Super Tarpaulin is a very heavy duty commercial cover.

The Super Tarpaulin is a woven polyethylene covering. It is manufactured using material weighing 185 grams per square metre. With dual colours, Brown on the underside and Blue on the outside. The Super Tarpaulin can easily blend into the soil.

The water proof spec of the Super tarpaulin comes from a 12 x 14 weave count. Created with material weighing 185gsm per square metre. It’s heavy duty design means it is Shrink proof & Rot proof.  Also protected against UV rays. Designed with 3 reinforced rivets on each corner. Ensuring there are no frayed or loose threads. Extending the lifetime of your Tarpaulin. With 12mm Aluminium eyelets at half metre intervals.
Looking for a light tarpaulin for creating a garden ground sheet? Or a heavier tarp for seasoning fire wood. Then Click Here to view our range of tarpaulins for all uses. For any questions regarding standard tarpaulins, contact a member of the team here.
Please Note: All our tarpaulin sizes are ‘cut sizes’ which is industry standard terminology for the size of the material before it is fabricated into a tarpaulin. Therefore expect the ‘finished’ size to be slightly shorter