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Hemmingway Fireplace

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The Hemmingway is hand carved using 100% natural marble and granite stone.

With the most updated technology, Bertoni creates a stunning artisan product. Our marble fire places are durable and elegant looking, but at an affordable price.

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The Hemmingway Fireplace is the showstopper of our fireplaces.

This Hemmingway Fireplace is visually stunning fireplace. The elegant finish of the ivory pearl makes the surround the perfect piece for your living room. At a wide 60″, the mantelpiece is an wonderful area to display, adding more than just a hearth to your home. The Hemmingway Fireplace surround is available separately. The full set includes an insert granite panel. This is has a a 16″ opening with no frame.

The package also includes a 54″ x 18″ Black Granite Hearth. The fireplace surround is a wonderful backdrop to an insert multifuel stove. Hand Carved for Over 200 years, A Bertoneri Fireplace is steeped in tradition. Carving, figuring and polishing a fireplace by hand is time consuming. Modern technology and tooling has helped but it remains the delicate movement of a Bertoneri artisan that can turn a block of marble or limestone into a stunning fireplace. To watch that genesis before your eyes is something special

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